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    Electronic Press Kit Sample, Template, For Anyone

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    Electronic Press Kit Sample built to showcase just what an EPK can do for your band, Dj, Small Business, Rap Artist, or virtually anyone can use.The Sample EPK has all of the critical components for a great EPK!Get Started with your own EPK hereThe best Electronic Press Kit Software around!

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Set or change the URL for your EPK.

It wil look like this: your-chosen-url.epkassistant.com


EPK Title

Set the publicly visible Title for your EPK.

EPK Description

Set the publicly visible Description for your EPK.

EPK Type

Change the type of your EPK.

EPK Genres/Business Categories

Set the Genre/Business Categiories for your EPK.


Select or customize the theme for your EPK.

Standard or Custom Theme


Current Heading Font: Rakkas
Current Body Font: Open Sans

Cover Photo

Set the cover photo used in any of the EPK Assistant themes.

Supported image types: jpg, svg, png, gif
Maximum file size: 5 MB

Or choose a cover photo

Custom CSS

Override the styling of your EPK (Pro only).

Section Titles

Customize the Titles to any of your EPK Sections.


Select your location.


Write and edit your Biography.


Add images to your Photo Gallery.

Gallery Images Preview


Add and edit your Discography.

Video Embeds

Add and edit embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Embed an video file

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Audio Tracks

Embed Audio Tracks from Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify.

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Audio Playlists & Albums

Add embedded playlists/albums Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify.

Embed an audio playlist

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Testimonials & Press

Add and edit Testimonials/Press to your EPK.

Add a Testimonial

Upcoming Events

Add and edit Event Items.

Add an Event

Exisiting Events

Contact Information

Set and edit your Contact Information.


Add a map of your location to your EPK.